ang kia yee


selected standalone/ loose writings

Amongst other things, I've written

> an essay about Japan, Buddhism and Artificial Intelligence;
> poems for an inter-media exhibition about music, mushrooms and de-composition;
> a semi-historical piece of speculative fiction written from the POV of an envoy of the Han Dynasty;
> a speculative prologue to a longer piece (in progress) about food systems in 2030s Singapore;
> independent poems and short stories about love, the erotic, language, and trans-species bodies


🡭 A suite for damp rot, REFUSE, Singapore Art Museum
🡭 January 2021, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore
🡭 Tentacle, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore
🡭 The Horse's Mouth, SO-FAR
🡭 Edible Life - Prologue, Mackerel