Dream Intepretation & Inheritance Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Vol. 22 No. 3 Jul 2023 read
Midheaven "If On A Quiet Night...", Singapore Writers Festival 2022 watch
A suite for damp rot for REFUSE, an inter-media exhibition about The Observatory at the Singapore Art Museum learn more
Comma Toes for immaterial bodies, an exhibition on the material world of things and the immaterial world of affects read
January 2021 Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Vol. 20 No.1 Jan 2021 read
slow dream machine debut poetry collection about being a vessel for writing, a body for the machine learn more
And Yet Eyes Resemble Oysters runner-up for the Bi'an Award, poetry category; published in Stand Magazine read (paywalled)
Untitled published in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore; included in anthology Quiet Loving, Ravaging Search read


氵pasang an audio walk on ghost rivers made in collaboration with ila for Natasha, Singapore Biennale 2022 listen
speculative texts for An Organic Terminus, an audio trail about Tanjong Pagar by The Everyday Museum listen
The Horse's Mouth a semi-historical, semi-speculative account written from the POV of an envoy of the Han Dynasty read
Edible Life a prologue to a longer science fiction piece about food systems in 2030s Singapore read
Tentacle a short story about a woman who wants to be pregnant read

plays, performance texts

Lovers Text Lovers (in development) a bilingual script on romance, East Asian pop culture, and Singaporean Englishes and Chineses learn more
Lizards a prize-winning script dedicated to women who have gone mad learn more
Flicker a hallucinatory dream featuring an ensemble in search of one another learn more

essays and reviews

I, Robomancer an essay about Japan, Buddhism and Artificial Intelligence read
Touch Skin an essay for Networked Bodies (exhibition) by Supernormal learn more
an untitled essay comprising multiple texts for The Open Workshop (exhibition) by Supernormal read
Empty Orchestra Heart a view of karaoke culture and aesthetics through Monzoom.xyz's Total Eclipse Plumage read
Loving Anarchy a review of No Poetry by poet Che Qianzi read

interviews and features

The Future is Here an essay on entering the metaverse with Keiken and Kathryn Lofton read
In the room next to yours a snapshot of artist Juka Araikawa's practice and ethos read


Leonorana #5: Environments the fifth issue of a magazine focused on artistic research, co-edited with Isabel Carvalho learn more