rupture ↔ repair,
alternative presents + futures

I'm Kia Yee or kyatos, & I believe in our capacity for rupture and repair.

With a focus on text and performance, my work crosses disciplines to expand our imagination around how else we could live — with compassion, presence, and openness to difference.

Let's chat & open up possibilities together.

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Rupture occurs when the friction caused by long resisted, neglected or unsupported needs and desires builds up, like a kind of potential energy, resulting in implosions (going inwards) and/or explosions (going outwards).

We can't always pre-empt rupture. And sometimes rupture is part of the process. I believe we are strong enough to face rupture when it takes place in our lives — with suitable tools, support from others, and a cultivated wellspring of self-acceptance.

Rupture is a nightmare. Rupture is a revelation. Rupture could be a portal to healing and transformation.

Because repair is a way of loving and working with what we already have. Because repair teaches us about rupture. Because the experience of repair is an experience of revelation and freedom. Because the way out is through. Because even if the world is truly headed for disaster, there is still joy in caring for it to the end.

Repair does not put an end to rupture. Repair work is a natural part of life's maintenance, and is not the only way forward. It is difficult way. It is a loving way.