Ang Kia Yee 洪佳仪

You can email me at:

I would love to collaborate on projects that

stress formal boundaries
involve text, performance, objects
involve things I know nothing about
involve non-artists
are process-focused 
invite the possibility of failure
seem foolishly romantic
are located in unusual locations/ sites
gather people and form communities
destabilise authorship

I am also open to traditional theatre and writing/editorial projects. 
I have experience in directing, performing and designing simple lighting, and have written reviews, essays, poetry, short stories, features and interviews for academic, literary and cultural settings.

I would also like to, if someone will take a chance on me, take on English-Chinese translation projects.

Finally, I would be happy to support queer peers with university, job, or funding applications. Please get in touch if I can help you with crafting cover letters or proposals, preparing your CV/ resume, seeking references, etc.