Ang Kia Yee 洪佳仪

Attention is the beginning of devotion.” (Mary Oliver)

Ang Kia Yee/ 洪佳仪/ kyatos

is a brief pulse of energy, a slow dream machine ushering in speculative, fictitious and intimate worlds which house dreams, desires, confessions and obsessions. Here, the repressed returns through rupture, but also through gestures of endurance, duration and repetition which cause time to dilate and/or fold.

Kia Yee’s interdisciplinary practice is rooted in poetry but spans and cross-pollinates theatre, performance art, pottery, poetry, prose and essays. Guided by romance, devotion and a fascination with the collapse of formal boundaries, she gravitates towards transdisciplinary processes that involve the distortion and co-mutation of mediums, languages and forms, with a particular interest in the acts of translation that take place in the process. 

She is currently simmering thoughts about object agencies, alternative ways of desiring, quantum multiverses, community economies, solarpunk proposals (such as arcologies), the futility of language, and how everything we do is a variation on the act of eating.

She is also the Project Lead of Feelers, an art & technology project housed within Potato Productions.


2019 BA(Hons) English Literature and Creative Writing; First Class Honours, University of Warwick


2018 External Assessment Summer School
2015 Viewpoints, Nine Years Theatre
2015 Suzuki Method of Actor Training, Nine Years Theatre
2015 The Young Company Writing Programme, Jean Tay, Singapore Repertory Theatre
2013-14 CAP Mentorship Programme (Poetry), Yeow Kai Chai, Ministry of Education Singapore
2003-13 Royal Academy of Dance, Ballet, up to Grade 8 (Merit)


2018 The Bi’an Award 2018, Runner-up (Poetry), with poem titled And Yet Eyes Resemble Oysters
2018 24-Hour Playwriting Competition (TheatreWorks), 1st (Open Category), with script titled Lizards
2015 24-Hour Playwriting Competition (TheatreWorks),2nd (Youth Category), with script titled What You Have Lost
2013 24-Hour Playwriting Competition (TheatreWorks), 3rd (Youth Category), with script titled Navigation (Belief and Happiness)