reference points

As the nature of existence is interbeing (i.e. we are all comprised of one another; we are constantly in the process of bringing one another into being), our seemingly singular ideas, methods and beliefs are in fact the culmination of the many worlds of thought, feelings, gestures which we pass through and which pass through us.

While I am unable to address every point of contact, co-steeping and co-infusion, I wanted to highlight these reference points as ones that I find myself returning/ referring to. They serve as anchors, landing points, reminders, guiding principles, a loose manifesto I've not fully articulated.

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
Going on the Way to Get Lost by Gotanndadan*
SEED by The Finger Players 
Macbeth 麦克白 by Full Show Lane Studio
Celebration by Emergency Chorus
Landscape (1989) by Emergency Chorus
Both Sitting Duet by Burrows & Fargion

* I can't find any good images or videos of this work; I've linked a video of Gotanndadan's work, ethos, spirit instead.