slow dream machine

slow dream machine is a meandering collection of poems where love and desire emanate out of loss and alienation.

80 pages; soft cover; inner pages made of 100% recycled paper

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I have felt that I do not write. Rather, a machine within me writes, and I am merely its vessel. slow dream machine, a self-assembled collection of poems and fragments gleaned from 2014-2020, is a dossier of our encounters, a trace of the negotiations we’ve endured with each other.

It attempts to trace the moods and movements of my writing, the slow dream machine or unyielding co-inhabitant of my body which has grown increasingly alienated from me. In doing so, voices and personas over the past three years are called upon as witnesses, to confess and reveal an elusive interiority.

*This publication was made in a haze, and comes with some typos + misnumberings that reflect this process.*