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[a] boundary separates one area from another and yet…  belongs to both of them” (Keiji Nishitani)


poetry / essay / short story / exhibition text / playscript / etc.

︎slow dream machine, my first poetry collection

🡭 A suite for damp rot, as part of REFUSE, Singapore Art Museum
🡭 Edible Life - Prologue*, Mackerel, for Hawker Hawker, Singapore Art Week
🡭 LOVERS TEXT LOVERS (development ongoing), Centre 42 New Scripts Residency
🡭 January 2021, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore
🡭 Touch Skin, Networked Bodies, Supernormal, Singapore Art Week
🡭 Comma Toes, immaterial bodies, Objectifs
🡭 I, Robomancer: Japan, Buddhism, and Artificial Intelligence, so-far
🡭 Tentacle, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore


essays / research / etc.

🡭 Leonorana #5 by Isabel Carvalho (Portugal) as guest co-editor
🡭 Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research as an assistant editor


together & solo, performer / maker / writer / organiser etc.

Loving Things (to say)
Esplanade eXchange 2021
Esplanade Upper Concourse, Singapore

Loving Things (to say), performed at Esplanade Upper Concourse as part of eXchange

voices in a room
online & mail as part of Feelers (SG)

Loving Things
online as a downloadable album of videos

I am home 
online with OH! Open House (SG) & LightNight Liverpool (UK)

Wuwei Performance Series Edition #6
Coda Culture, Singapore

Saint Somebody 
Camden People’s Theatre, UK

part of Festival of Audacity
COW Birmingham, UK

a theatre collective


objects / talks / etc.

🡭 Vernacular Antidotes: Object Relations & Alternative Economy Panel, a part of Buangkok Mall Life Club, with Salty Xi Jie Ng, Jennifer Teo, Grace Amber and Shoshana Gugenheim
🡭 A songbird called Tiresias, Care Package, Grey Projects