FUME (2022)

FUME is a performance by Pat Toh about the collective breath in an age of ecological crisis. The ensemble piece rages about the effects of air pollution on the future of humankind.

Continuing Toh's research into the corporeal effects of breath, FUME uses the respiratory system as a metaphor for the extensive deteriorating ecology. The show examines the effects of air pollution on breathing as a direct penetration from the external environment into the interior world.

FUME is part of an ongoing series of works titled Air Ways that examines our relationship with pollution and breathing. The series was developed with RAW Moves as part of its RawGround: Identification series.


I worked closely with fellow performers to take on Pat's score and devise further around it. Coming from rather varied physical practices across sports, martial arts, dance, and theatre, it was a very special collision and exchange of languages and approaches. I was pushed to my physical limits very often, and learnt a lot from the process about exertion, exhaustion, translation, adaptation.

Pat Toh

Giulia Poli

Ang Kia Yee
Chew Shaw En
Sabrina Sng
Syarifuddin Sahari

Rizman Putra

Light Designer
Kailesh Wagru

Soundscape and Sound Engineer
Joel Fernandez

Creative Consultant
Ang Hui Bin

Stage Manager
Lee Xin Zhi

David Li
Brenda Mok Kit Yu

Supported by
National Arts Council, Singapore

72-13, T:>Works / 11 & 12 March 2022

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