make/space (2015-2017)

make/space was a theatre company/ collective/ group that existed for three years. We made original, experimental, ensemble-centric performances that challenged mainstream narrativity and visual language with a turn to symbolic dissonance and the body. Our productions were supported by the NAC Matchbox Fund, generous Indiegogo backers and our kind + open collaborators.

I co-founded and co-led the group, working variously as director, playwright, producer, production manager, and marketing manager.

Amy Ong

Amy Ong, Ang Cheng Hui, Zhang He-jia


25 Aug-3 Sep 2017
Le Danz (222 Queen Street)

30 Jun-2 Jul 2016
The Substation Theatre

19 Mar 2016
Rehearsal Studio, Centre 42

17-18 Jul 2015
The Substation Theatre

Collaborators, Co-Workers

Alethea Koh
Alexis Goh Weiying
Amy Ong
André Chong
Ang Cheng Hui
Ang Kia Yee
Anne Fong
ants chua
Averyn Thng
Celine Ng
Chantel Foo
Chantel Goh
Chelsea Tan
Chng Jieying
Clare Chong
Emmaus Tan

Esther Koh Siang
Giogi Phang
Gracia Ting
Jaisilan Sathiasilan
Jason Ng
Jubilee Tai
June Ong
Katrina Jacinto
Kavya Sundar
Ke Weiliang
Lam Li Shuen
Leong Xuan Li
Linette Chan
Louise Marie Lee
Marcia Lee Tjie Yi
Mike Chang

Nick Ng
Nigel Choo
Pek Jia Wen
Pratyay Jaidev
Rachel Kwan
Rachel Yen
Ranice Tay
Reis Low
Risa Ann Wong
Seah Wang Ling
Shane Soh
Syafiqah Nabilah
Tan Xing Zhi
Teoh Qi En
Zhang He-jia

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