moooooooood* (2020)

A tank is filled with hot water, and chrysanthemum flowers are poured in for steeping. Everyone waits as the flowers and water meet, mix, and permeate each other.

I bow forward and dip my head into the tank. It's very hot. There is red yarn in my hair. We facilitate a mutual flavouring, a co-steeping of materials and feelings.

After, I distribute dry chrysanthemum flowers for the possibility of steeping elsewhere, in other times and spaces.

Everyone participated: tank, hot water, chrysanthemum flowers, yarn, bowl, hair, body, flood light, white wall, audience, curled spine, corner of the room,...

Created & performed by
Ang Kia Yee

Supported by
Wuwei Performance
Louise Marie Lee
Tan Xing Zhi
June Ong

Louise Marie Lee and Veronyka Lau

Wuwei Performance Series 6, Coda Culture / 11 January 2020

*The title is meant to expand and shrink to fill the space it occupies. As such the number of “o”s is variable. When I have the brain cells for the task, I will try to code this logic here.

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