Saint Somebody (2020)

In a room of funhouse mirrors, watched by her reflections, Joan of Arc dies over and over again - in a fire, in history books, in categorisation.

In myth she's a teenager, a cross-dresser, a war hero, a heretic. In culture, she's remade at the hands of whoever's telling the story. We find a resonance between all these Joans: real, fictional, recorded, and lived, echoing across time.

Sit with us. Be patient. We'll exhume the myths and dig up the stories to find what's underneath. Joan is a maid, a teenager, a warrior, a martyr. Now, she's a celebrity, a ghost. Stay with us. We'll unearth the only written record of her words; now with many voices, Joan speaks.

Ang Kia Yee
Clara Potter-Sweet
Emma Clark
Emily Davis
Joanna Pidcock
Ciara Shrager

Supported by
Arts Council England

Calm Down Dear Festival, Camden People's Theatre, London / 5 June 2019

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