The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes (2018)

The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes is a meditation on boredom, work, and time. Loosely adapted from Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, the show ambles, it meanders; it has very little that needs doing.

Performers move through slow repetitions, distract themselves and each other with objects, and forget why they're there. The everyday becomes a languid fog where nothing is urgent, and purpose is suspended.

Featuring improvised choreography and wood-splitting, the show ends with the cast and directors sat round a table, haltingly playing the Silver Mt. Zion song from which the show borrows its title on just-learned string instruments (including a bass balalaika we found gathering dust in a store cupboard).

Directed & designed by
Ang Kia Yee and Ben Kulvichit

Co-created & performed by
Clara Potter-Sweet
Grace Lovegrove
Rosey D'Allenger-Powell
Ross Graham
Rory Meade
Sean O'Driscoll
Veronica Chow

Nat Norland

University of Warwick / 17-18 June 2018

Ang Kia Yee, Ben Kulvichit

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