voices in a room (2022)

voices in a room is a Feelers Labs performance project. It initially started as an examination of language's possibilities in responding to and inhabiting times of crisis, but pressing griefs led the team to develop the project as a way of dreaming about the futures they wish to bring into being.

This first iteration of the project takes the form of printed performance scores, with which we might rehearse for the future individually and together. When we are able to gather again, the team hopes to activate the performance scores in person, with you.

In the meantime, invited a number of performers to improvise with their performance scores. You can now experience these improvised performances on an interactive website where you can toggle various effects and features as they unfold.

You can request for your own copy of the scores here.
View the website at room.feelers-feelers.com.

Ang Kia Yee
ants chua
Chew Shaw En
Helen Cai
Rice Tan
txting teo

Izzul Irfan
Jollin Tan
Pat Toh
Shanice Stanislaus
Sonia Kwek
Syimah Sabtu
txting teo
Ziyad Bagharib

Web Developer
Keith Chia

With thanks to
KYT Studio
Kee Ya Ting
Nik Yan

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