I feel grounded in two questions Maggie Rogers posed to herself, namely:

How do I keep the things sacred in my life really safe?
How do I reconstruct every aspect of my life and my career to keep those things at the centre?

sacred things

  • thinking clearly & feeling deeply
  • the unknown territories of my thinking
  • my peace, wisdom, and intuition
  • my most exciting and resonant questions
  • relationships built on mutual curiosity, respect, affection, and freedom
  • the ability to recognise what actually matters
  • the ability to pay attention to the things that matter

things I'm saying yes to

  • solitude
  • saying less, observing more
  • sitting with my thinking and challenging my assumptions
  • meeting new people, especially people outside my usual circles and comfort zone
  • time to think quietly w/ minimal external influence & interference
  • simpler thinking patterns to minimise overthinking and free up mental energy
  • honing outward-facing skills such as public speaking and hosting strangers
  • learning from the principles and processes of independent thinkers

things I'm saying no to

  • too much introspection (narcissism & escapism)
  • being agreeable out of the fear of being disliked
  • projects and commitments where I'm in charge of other people or finances
  • last minute commitments, especially ones where my personhood is undervalued